Rainy City Blues – Going Away – Toggery Five – Previously Unreleased


Lotte Mullan – Would You Be So Kind (Co-Composed)
Sonna Rele – Brand New Day (Rele/Livingston/Gouldman)
Paul Young – Chronicles – (I’m In Heaven Again – GG – Backing Vocals – Guitars – Bass)


Daniel Ryan – Singing In The Street (Co-Composed) (Download Only)
Anna Krantz – Waiting Is The Hardest Part (Co-Composed) (Sent to me by Anna Krantz)
Susie Webb – Cry Me A Waterfall (Co-Composed) (Download Only)
Susie Webb – I Got You Where I Want You (Co-Composed) (Download Only)


Stephen Bishop – Fiddlers Green (Composed By Gold/Gouldman)


Prodigal Son Feat GG/06 & Hotlegs – Son Of Man (Collision Club Remix) – Promo Only


McFly – I’ve Got You (written by Graham Gouldman with Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher)


Renato Zero – L’altra sponda (on ‘Caturra’, written with Claudio Guidetti and Renato Zero)
Jamie Benson – When the sun hits the sky (on ‘My confession’. Co-written by Graham Gouldman)


Kirsty MacColl – Treachery (written with Kirsty MacColl)


Kirsty MacColl – Things Happen (written with Kirsty MacColl)


Gary Barlow Stronger – (Metro Edit) – (Metro Extended Mix)
Dingo – Shearer Shearer – (World Cup Mix – 5 Live Mix – Newcastle Mix)
Gary Wright – If You Believe In Heaven – (Co-Composed By Gouldman/Lee/Wright)


Paul Carrack – The Way I’m Feeling Tonight (Co-Composed)
Brian Houston – Good News Junkie – (Graham Gouldman Acoustic/Electric Guitars)


Jackie Graham – Real life (from the album ‘Facts of love’) (written with Andrew Gold)
Joe Cocker – Soul Rising (from the album ‘No Ordinary World’) (co-written with Peter Cox and Peter Vetesse)
Tony Christie – The Wind Beneath My Wings ) A Graham Gouldman Production)
Fff – Then There’s A Knock At The Door (co-written with Eric Stewart)
Adam Bard – Gloria (Graham Demo Version) (Composed By Gouldman/Davis/Bard)


Ice Cold In Alice – Fade Away / When The Rain Comes Down (UK Reva 1) (Prod By G.Gouldman)
Ice Cold In Alice – Causing A Commotion (UK Reva 3) (Produced By G.Gouldman)


Frances Ruffelle – He’s My Hero / Love’s Not For Me – (A Side Composed/Produced By Gold/Gouldman) – (B Side Composed By Gouldman) – (Produced By Gold/Gouldman)
Steve Carlton – Keep On Walking – (Produced/Backing By Gold/Gouldman)


Burlitz – Love is the drug/Baby come around (UK Spartan SP 17) (produced by Gouldman/Glasman)
Burlitz – Sleep softly Mary (produced by Graham Gouldman)


Wayne Fontana – Together / One Man Woman (A-side written by Graham Gouldman, the B-side produced by Fontana and Eric Stewart) (UK Warner Bros. K 16269)
Suzette St. Claire – Mama Banana (Gouldman/Godley/Crème/Claire) (EMI 2029)
Rubber Duckie – A Teenager in Love/Lark (UK EMI 20137) (Lark – Composed By Gouldman/Godley/Crème/ Stewart)
Grumble – Da Doo Ron Ron/Pig Bin an’ Gone (B Side Composed By Gouldman/Godley/CremeStewart) (10cc Singing) (UK RCA 2384)


Festival – Today(written by Godley & Creme)/Come Warm Me (written with Eric Stewart – (Stewart and Gouldman on vocals) (UK RCA Garden Odyssey Enterprise – The Joker (written with Barry Greenfield)/Have You Ever Been to Georgia(both tracks produced by Gouldman with Eric Stewart)
Tristar Airbus – Willie Morgan (written with Smith) /Travelling Man (written and sung by Graham Gouldman, 10cc actually playing on both tracks) (UK RCA 2170)
Peter Noone – Because You’re There (Gouldman/Noone) (G.Gouldman Backing (UK RAK 129)
Everton Football Club – For Ever Ever-ton/March Of The Gwladys Street Gladiators (UK Philips 6006 253) (A-side written by Graham Gouldman, produced by Graham Gouldman and Ric Dixon)
Manchester City F.C. – The Boys in Blue/Funky City (Composed By Gouldman/Godley/Creme) (UK RCA 2200)
Graham Gouldman – Nowhere To Go / Growing Older (CBS 7739)
Tristar Airbus – Willie Morgan / Travellin’ Man – (A Side Composed By Smith/Gouldman) (B Side Composed By Graham Gouldman)
Garden Odyssey – The Joker / Have You Ever Been To Georgia (UK RCA 2150) (Composed By Graham Gouldman – 10cc Backing)


Freddie and the Dreamers – Susan’s Tuba/You Hurt Me Girl (UK Philips 6006 098 – 10cc Backing Musicians) (A-side written with Ritchie Cordell)
Peter Cowap – Man With a Golden Gun / Tampa Florida (UK Pye 7N.45042) (Gouldman/Cowap)
Fighter Squadron – When He Comes (US Bell 966) (written by Godley & Creme, lead vocal by Kevin Godley, produced by Graham Gouldman, J. Katz and J. Kasenetz)
Silver Fleet – Come on plane/Look out world (US Uni 55271) (A-side written and produced by Graham Gouldman-Kasenetz-Katz – Lead Vocals – Kevin Godley)
Peter Cowap – Safari/Oh Soloman (Gouldman/Cowap) (UK Pye 7N.45071)
Eric Elder – San Tokay/Sunflower (UK Philips 6006-081 (A-side written by Graham Gouldman and Eric Woolfson)
The Peddlers – Have you ever been to Georgia (UK Philips 6006-141)
Jeff Smith Going To A Party / Gypsy In My Blood – (Produced/Backing Graham Gouldman)
Crazy Elephant – There Ain’t No Umbopo (Bell 875) (Produced By Cordell/Gouldman)
Barry Greenfield – Sweet America / Dorothy’s Daughter (UK 6113 002) (10cc Backing)


Peter Cowap – Crickets/Wicked Melinda (Pye 7N 17976) (Cowap/Hillary – Hillary being a pseudonym for Graham Gouldman/record produced by Eric Stewart)
Gene Pitney – Billy You’re My Friend (SS 2177) (Composed By Graham Gouldman)
Leslie Crowther – Santa Claus – (Composed By G.Gouldman) ( 7N.45020)


Ohio Express – Sausalito (Is The Place To Go (10cc actually playing, Gouldman lead vocal)
Garden Odyssey Enterprise – Sad And Lonely (UK DM 267) (Composed By Gouldman)
Chords Five – Some People – UK Jay Boy 6
Herman’s Hermits – I’ts Alright Now (Noone/Hilary(Gouldman)/Most) (DB 8626)


The Mindbenders – Uncle Joe The Ice Cream Man (Fontana 961)
Herman’s Hermits – London Look
Herman’s Hermits – Ooh she’s done it again
Herman’s Hermits – Lemon and lime
Herman’s Hermits – It’s nice to be out in the morning
Herman’s Hermits – The World Is for the Young
Herman’s Hermits – It’s alright now (B-side of ‘Here Comes The Star’, credited to Noone/ Hillary/ Most, Hillary being a pseudonym used by Graham Gouldman)
Jonah P. Jones – My father/My mind’s losing me (US Decca 32390) (A-side by Graham Gouldman)


Cher – Behind The Door (US Liberty 12046)
Jeff Beck – Tallyman (UK Columbia DB 8227)
High Society – People Passing By/Star Of Eastern Street
The Mindbenders – Schoolgirl (Fontana 877)
The Mindbenders – The Letter (Fontana 869)
Friday Browne – Ask any woman/The outdoor seminar (UK TF 851) (prod by G.Gouldman)
Normie Rowe – Going home
The Shadows – Naughty Nippon Nights
The Manchester Mob – Bony Maronie / Afro Asian (UK R.5552) (Gouldman Member Of Band)
Wayne Fontana – The Impossible Years (TF 866) (Comp By G.Gouldman)
Herman’s Hermits – Marcels (Gouldman/Hopwood/Noone/Lisberg) (DB 8327)


Downliners Sect – The Cost Of Living (written with Peter Cowap and Harvey Lisberg) (UK Columbia DB 8008)
High Society – People Passing By/Star Of Eastern Street (UK TF 771) (A Side Composed By G.Gouldma) (Backing By G. Gouldman), Hollies – Bus Stop (R.5469)
Herman’s Hermits – No Milk Today (DB 8012)
Herman’s Hermits – East West (DB 8076)
Herman’s Hermits – Listen People (DB 7861) Wayne Fontana – Pamela Pamela
Toni Basil – I’m 28 (UK A&M 791)
Friday Browne – Getting nowhere (UK R.5396)
St. Louis Union – Behind the door (UK Decca 12386)
The 3-1/2 – Hey Mom, Hey Dad (US Cameo 442)


Yardbirds – For Your Love (UK DB 7499)
Yardbirds – Heart Full Of Soul (UK DB 7594)
Yardbirds – Evil Hearted You (UK DB 7706)
The Hollies – Look Through Any Window (Gouldman/Silverman)
Hollies – Look Through Any Window (written with Charles Silverman)
Dave Berry – I’m Gonna Take You There (UK Decca 12258)
The Shindigs – A Little While Back/Why Say Goodbye (UK Parlophone R 5377)
Little Frankie – Happy, that’s me (UK Columbia DB 7681) (B-side to It doesn’t matter anymore, that is written by Paul Anka; produced by Graham Gouldman)
Little Frankie – Make-a-love /Love is just a game (B-side co-written by Graham Gouldman, Harvey Lisberg and Charles Silverman, produced by Graham Gouldman)
Little Frankie – The Kind Of Boy You Can’t Forget – Produced By Graham Gouldman DC 7490

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