Modesty Forbids

The phrase ‘Modesty Forbids’ always struck me as such a funny contradiction. I would use it myself when, for example, asked about some of my achievements say “I could go on, but modesty forbids”. When I told Peter Curzon at Storm Studios who did all the art work my idea for the album title he immediately got it. The front cover picture says it all, the anonymous peacock.

It was a joy to write and record this album and to be able to work with so many fine musicians and songwriters many of whom I have worked with before plus a couple of newcomers.

If you get as much pleasure listening to the album as I did making it then I’ll be very happy.

I’m very much looking forward to taking Heart Full Of Songs on the road again where I get to play and tell some of the stories behind the songs.

The first single, “All Around The World” is out now. Pre-order ‘Modesty Forbids’ here:

Modesty Forbids

Modesty Forbids
Out now!

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